• Side Scan Sonar Product Line The EdgeTech Side Scan Sonar product line incudes the Model 560D Side Scan Sonar Processor and the DF-1000 Digital Control Interface
  • Adjustable Ultrasonic VeriGAP
    Adjustable Ultrasonic VeriGAP A new adjustable length ultrasonic "gap" level switch has just been introduced by Drexelbrook Engineering Co.
  • New Hose End
    New Hose End A split ring, rotatable flange fits over and locks onto a
  • Reduced Voltage Motor Starters
    Reduced Voltage Motor Starters Motortronics' PS1 series solid state reduced voltage motor starters combine reduced voltage (soft start) control and
  •  Century Manhole® Containment Cover
    Century Manhole® Containment Cover Hydrogen sulfide gas has devastating effects on concrete
  • 7800 Series Full Facepiece
    7800 Series Full Facepiece The 3M 7800 Full Facepiece respirator is an excellent choice for protection against a wide variety of gas and vapor applications...
  • Soil and Groundwater Services
    Soil and Groundwater Services This company offers a full range of services for assessment, monitoring and remediation of soil and
    GEOPROBE 66 SERIES The Geoprobe 66 series soil probing machines are taking direct push capabilities to new depths
  • NO<sub>2</sub> Analyzer (Nitrogen Dioxide)
    NO2 Analyzer (Nitrogen Dioxide)

    LGR's (award winning) NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) Analyzer measures nitrogen dioxide directly in ambient air continuously and in real time. This new Nitrogen Dioxide Analyzer is ideal for air quality monitoring and a wide variety of other applications where extreme precision, sensitivity and fast response of NO2 measurements are required. The NO2 Analyzer’s ease-of-use and durability make it an ideal choice for field, flight and mobile laboratory applications. LGR’s laser-based analyzers are used by researchers, scientists, governmental agencies and intergovernmental organizations on all 7 continents.

  • Pilot Plant Fiber-Bed Filter Emission Control Systems
    Pilot Plant Fiber-Bed Filter Emission Control Systems CECO Filters, Inc. introduces two complete Pilot Plant Fiber-Bed Filter Emission Control Systems
  • Mercury Scrubber
    Mercury Scrubber

    Tri-Mer Mercury Scrubber provides up to 99.9% reduction in Hg vapor emissions.

  • Data Man Class
    Data Man Class This class covers a spectrum of topics from the theory of relational management of site data to practical suggestions about working with laboratories, in an effort to equip environmental professionals with the skills they need to effectively implement a data management system.
  • Duplex Strainer
    Duplex Strainer Model 50 duplex strainers, offered in pipeline sizes from ¾" to 8", are said to continuously remove dirt and debris from pipelines
  • Chemical Process Safety Report This unique guide is a valuable resource for effective management of highly hazardous chemical operations under OSHA's PSM standard
  • Spill Kit 3
    Spill Kit 3 SPILLS HAPPEN. PLAN AHEAD. ChemSpill.com offers an infinite variety of spill kits, absorbents, pads, booms, socks
  • NC - Narrow Angle, High Velocity Nozzles
    NC - Narrow Angle, High Velocity Nozzles Narrow Angle, High Velocity Nozzles - BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer
    Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer The 9850 Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer uses UV fluorescence technology to measure concentrations of SO2
  • Whirl / Wet
    Whirl / Wet

    The system works by infusing the dust particles with water. The unique process mixes the two through a fixed-position dual opposed blade system. Once the dust-laden airstream and liquid are mixed, a tangential airstream is injected through the lower blade assembly to increase turbulence.

  • "ENVIRO-check" Mini Environmental Dust Monitor
    "ENVIRO-check" Mini Environmental Dust Monitor The Grimm 1.107 monitor performs particulate size measurements by 90-degree laser light scattering
  • Explosion-Proof Enclosure with Remote Control Unit
    Explosion-Proof Enclosure with Remote Control Unit Remote control unit can be separated from sensing unit by up to 1,000 feet
  • Granular Magnesium Oxide The company has engineered the FloMag PWT granular magnesium oxide for potable water treatment
  • Continuous Skimmer The self-righting, self-adjusting Suparskim(tm) is engineered for continuous removal of floating layers...
  • Testo Introduces Five NEW Pocket-sized Meters
    Testo Introduces Five NEW Pocket-sized Meters Testo, Inc., is releasing their revolutionary new STICKS specifically designed for the HVAC industry
  • Analyzer Averaging and Setup Host Providing the dual functionality of analyzer averaging and centralized setup and diagnostics, the Series 2000 Host allows the user to operate and calibrate multiple sensors without leaving the control room
  • Three-Phase Centrifuge
    Three-Phase Centrifuge The three-phase centrifuge is most commonly used for cleaning up oil spills at refinery and mining sites.
  • Advanced Controllers for Dust Collectors
    Advanced Controllers for Dust Collectors The Farr APC Determinator dust collector interface brings dust and fume control into the 21st century. This highly advanced electronic system remotely oversees up to 100 dust collectors in your plant, continuously monitoring their performance and accurately troubleshooting any problems that might occur.

    Imagine being able to sit at your desk and receive an alarm from your computer at the first sign of a malfunction or service alert. You can quickly determine whether a hopper needs to be emptied or filter elements require changeout. With a keystroke, you can adjust the operational pressure drop of a dust collector or alter the emissions point at which a broken bag detector sounds an alarm. The Determinator does all this, and more

  • Supported Liquid Membrane System (SliMS) Supported Liquid Membrane System (SliMS)i sused for metal purification/minerals processing
  • Sample Extractor
    Sample Extractor Constructed of type 316 stainless steel, the zero head space extractor (ZHE +) has a capacity of 560ml
  • Wet Tubular Electrostatic Precipitator System
    Wet Tubular Electrostatic Precipitator System The wet tubular electrostatic precipitator system is designed for applications where the standard dry plate type
  • Mighty Mini Oil Skimmers For Parts Washers And CNC Machines
    Mighty Mini Oil Skimmers For Parts Washers And CNC Machines The Abanaki Mighty Mini SST Oil Skimmer can remove 1 to 2 gallons of medium weight oil per hour. Its stainless steel construction enables it to operate in harsh chemicals and heat while its integrated timer lets it run only when needed
  • Process Controller The USF820 data logging process controller is for integrated, cost-effective process control and monitoring
  • Insertion Flow Monitor
    Insertion Flow Monitor The Insertion Flow Monitor is a rugged instrument for monitoring and totaling flows in full pipes of two-in. to 30-in. diameters
  • P-Series Palletized Lockers
    P-Series Palletized Lockers Fast, efficient forklift loading and unloading characterizes this series of storage lockers. These lockers
  • Rotor/Stator Configurations
    Rotor/Stator Configurations These Ultra-Pro rotor/stator configurations for the company’s L-Frame, 1000 and 2000 progressing cavity pump
  • Compliance Check Service
    Compliance Check Service The BLR Environmental Compliance Service is a reference that covers both federal- and state-compliance requirements for environmental topics
  • Mill Fire Detection System (MFDS)
    Mill Fire Detection System (MFDS) Forney's Mill Fire Detection System (MFDS) can notify you of a potentially hazardous situation in your mill before a fire starts, preventing damage to equipment and personnel
  • Wood/Stump Shear/Ripper
    Wood/Stump Shear/Ripper Weld-on replaceable blades and teeth are standard on the Excavator hydraulic Wood/Stump Shear/Ripper
  • Erosion Control Polymer EarthGuard is specifically designed to reduce erosion and
  • Quenches Ceilcote offers a variety of specially designed quench
  • Injectors
    Injectors These Injectors are designed to be high efficiency, Venturi-type, differential pressure injectors
  • Ultrasonic Level Monitor
    Ultrasonic Level Monitor Bindicator incorporated Echelon protocol from LonWorks into its MS-2000 Series ultrasonic level monitors to assist ininstallation...
  • High Pressure Liquid Phase Carbon Adsorbers
    High Pressure Liquid Phase Carbon Adsorbers Carbonair's high pressure liquid phase carbon vessels are designed and manufactured in accordance with engineering standards set forth by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
  • Moisture Analyzer The A2000 moisture analyzer incorporates a number of technical advances to provide accurate data for most moisture parameters.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Coating A water-based enamel glows in the dark to enhance in-plant safety. The 5430 enamel, which appears...
  • ERI is a Corporate Sponsor of Biosphere 2
    ERI is a Corporate Sponsor of Biosphere 2 Biosphere 2 is the unique environmental simulation laboratory operated by Columbia University in Oracle, Arizona
  • AmiPur®-PLUS - Advanced Amine Purification System
    AmiPur®-PLUS - Advanced Amine Purification System

    REDUCE CORROSION! REDUCE COSTS! Eco-Tec's AmiPur®-PLUS Amine System continuously removes heat stable salts from amine solutions, ensuring stable, consistent operation of the amine scrubbing solutions.

  • Interface Meter Geotech manufactures the OS Interface Probe, which measures depths to hydrocarbons and water in monitoring wells and tanks
  • Demineralization: <b>Recoflo® TriFlo™ Demineralizer</b>
    Demineralization: Recoflo® TriFlo™ Demineralizer Eliminate the need for mixed bed polishers or electrodemineralization systems to provide high purity water with conductivity less than 0.1 ìS/cm.
  • Curlex HD Blankets
    Curlex HD Blankets Curlex Blankets, for long-term protection against wind and water erosion. They are a natural choice in place of stone or riprap in swales, ditch bottoms, and long steep slopes.
  • Hydrocarbon Clean Up
    Hydrocarbon Clean Up Principal areas of AES services for the detection, investigation, and cleanup of underground storage tank release
  • PathFinder
    PathFinder Utility Mapping System
  • RainWise WS-1000 Weather Station
    RainWise WS-1000 Weather Station Engineered for precision and trouble-free operation, the WS-1000 Weather Station monitors seven different weather phenomena
  • RETOX RTO With Scrubber For Halogenated VOC Abatement
    RETOX RTO With Scrubber For Halogenated VOC Abatement Adwest Technologies' RETOX Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) systems provides the chemical, hydrocarbon processing, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and coatings markets with cost effective point source VOC abatement
  • Diode Laser
    Diode Laser The LasIR is a field-portable instrument that can provide real-time measurements of selected gases
  • Catalytic & Thermal Oxidizers
    Catalytic & Thermal Oxidizers Branch can provide standard design or custom built oxidation systems for thermal destruction of volatile organic compounds (voc) and other gases that can be eliminated by thermal destruction.
  • Material Processing
    Material Processing EVACTHERM mixing system carries out mixing, reacting, drying, heating, cooling, stripping, plasticizing and
  • Industrial Smoke Detector
    Industrial Smoke Detector The Model SD-02 Industrial Smoke Detector features a remote alarm/reset and open/closed alarm output
  • Environmental Instrument The YSI 6600 is a member of the 6-Series Environmental Products, which are the industry standard for profiling, logging, and long-term monitoring applications...
  • Safety Sorb Fuel and Solvent Adsorbent Safety Sorb is a solution for spills of volatile hydrocarbons such as gasoline, racing fuel, airplane fuel, and other flammable solvents
  • Sundog
    Sundog Like a faithful friend Sundog will point the way
  • WS-2000 Computer Interface with WeatherView32 The Computer Interface consists of a small microcontroller with a WS-2000 radio receiver, data storage RAM, and a serial port for communication with a host PC
  • Cell Bypass Technology Robicon’s new advanced cell bypass technology is designed
  • Fume Extraction
    Fume Extraction Fume Hoods
  • Gas Detection System
    Gas Detection System Engineered for chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons, the Pyrolyzer Gas Detection System uses chemically selective toxic sensors
  • Motion Sensing Probe The new Milltronics XPP-5 motion sensing probe offers reliable process protection for virtually all types of rotating or moving machinery....
  • Chemistry Verification Software The Data Verification Module is a computer-aided chemistry verification software module
  • Freezemobile Series Freeze Dryer
    Freezemobile Series Freeze Dryer VirTis Research Freeze Dryer is custom built to meet your specific needs. From the recognized world leader in freeze dryer technology, you can expect the best.
  • Petri Dish Racking System
    Petri Dish Racking System The new Easyplate system helps users increase efficiency when transporting, organizing, incubating and handling
  • Test Reagents
    Test Reagents Bioscience, Inc. offers five prepackages reagent ranges for its accu-TEST Micro-COD System, including mercury-free reagents for low and standard ranges...
  • Chemical Process Controller
    Chemical Process Controller The Scaletron™ Model 1099™ Chemical Process Controller is central to the Scaletron Industries, Ltd. “Total Electronic” system...
  • Pipe-Bursting Process
    Pipe-Bursting Process The HydroBurst HB3038 and HB5058 are designed specifically
  • pH Papers Two company products, Tridicator® papers, and pH Paper combine to cover more than 20 different pH ranges...
  • Ceramic Heat Transfer Media
    Ceramic Heat Transfer Media The Flexeramic structured heat transfer media is designed to offer a large capacity with no increase in pressure drop in regenerative thermal oxidizers
  • SO2-Removal Technology
    SO2-Removal Technology Dow Chemical's Gas/Spec Technology Group (Houston, TX) has teamed with a TurboSonic Technologies, Inc...
  • Rotameter Quik Ship Program Bailey-Fischer & Porter, a unit of Elsag Bailey Process Automation, has launched a new customer service
  • Custom Built Dredge Hose
    Custom Built Dredge Hose Hoses can be built any size from 4-in.-dia. to 36-in.-dia.
  • QS-9000 In 1994, US automakers issued a new, cooperative set of
  • Ethylene Oxide Abatement
    Ethylene Oxide Abatement The Safe-Cell System is a unique one or two stage ethylene oxide (EtO) destruction process
  • Scrub-It®
    Scrub-It® Scrub-It® products are designed specifically for pretreatment and removal of H2S and odors in potable water systems
  • PAC CHECK® Model 325 Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyzer
    PAC CHECK® Model 325 Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyzer The PAC CHECK Model 325 is a single-handed Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide analyzer for checking modified atmospheres inside packages
  • Pipeline Inspection
    Pipeline Inspection The P455 TwinView digital color camera features a dual view sensor, auto-upright picture and 1 lux digital color
  • The Eco Badge Smog Patrol Kit The Eco Badge Smog Patrol Kit
  • Pocket EquIS Data Capturing Device Pocket EquIS data capturing device allows collecting and management of data at the point of generation...
  • The Eco Badge Kit
    The Eco Badge Kit A compact, easy to use method of measuring ozone, The Eco Badge gives two readings: a one hour and an eight hour in a range of 10 to 350 ppb (parts per billion).
  • Environmental Policy Catalog "1997 CFRs" is a recently released 16-page, two-color catalog describing the company’s line of codes’ and regulations’...
  • Micro and Ultra Filtration
    Micro and Ultra Filtration Micro and Ultra filtration systems are capable of separating many types and sizes of suspended material from liquids
  • Reverse Plus Fabric Filter
    Reverse Plus Fabric Filter The Airotech Enivornment reverse pulse fabric filter is available in a wide range of sizes and designs for efficient space saving configurations
  • Nuclear Waste Vitrification
    Nuclear Waste Vitrification These mixers are designed to operate in High Level and Low Level radioactive “Caves” where the contents of underground storage tanks are being converted to “Glass Logs” or “Concrete Logs”...
  • Model 230
    Model 230 With a flexible flow metering system to maintain a constant carrier flow through the permeation chamber, the Model 230 allows the dilution flow to be varied
  • Soft Drink Software
    Soft Drink Software The SoftCard contains four tests that are run on a routine basis in the softdrink industry
  • OS Series Packed Column Air Strippers
    OS Series Packed Column Air Strippers The Carbonair OS series packed column air strippers are forced draft air stripping columns designed to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from contaminated water.
  • Waste Water Treatment with Ozone
    Waste Water Treatment with Ozone Air Products has developed it’s CHEMOXTM ozone technology for the treatment of such contaminants and by utilising a unique, patented reactor design
  • Stainless Heat Exchangers
    Stainless Heat Exchangers Stainless steel heat exchangers are available in both SP and HP series and in a size and performance efficiency to match your specific application
  • NO/CO<sub>2</sub> Analyzer (NO, CO<sub>2</sub>, H<sub>2</sub>O)
    NO/CO2 Analyzer (NO, CO2, H2O)

    LGR's new NO/CO2 (nitric oxide, carbon dioxide) Analyzer simultaneously measures nitric oxide, carbon dioxide and water vapor with extraordinary precision continuously and in real time. (For measurements of N2O and CO, please refer to LGR's N2O/CO Analyzer.) The instrument may be set up in minutes and does not require any cryogens or consumables. In addition, the Analyzer simultaneously measures water vapor concentration with very high precision and accuracy. As a result, the instrument also reports the measured gases on a dry mol fraction basis accurately in real time without the need for sample drying, empirical corrections, or any post processing. Of course, unlike conventional chemiluminescence analyzers, LGR's laser-based analyzers do not require any ozone or other consummables.

  • Energy Services This company’s Energy Services Division provides the specialized design, placement and service of insurance
  • 1313
    1313 Fermentation Monitor 1313 is designed for monitoring fermentation processes. The 1313 simultaneosly measures the concentrations of oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons
  • TurboMatrix Thermal Desorbers The new TurboMatrix family of Thermal Desorbers from PerkinElmer Instruments reduces laboratories’ operating costs
  • Wet Scrubber Monitoring System
    Wet Scrubber Monitoring System An in-situ gas detection-and-measurement system, designed for wet-scrubber emissions, provides detection in environments ...
  • External-to-pipe Portable Flow Meter The portable (battery-powered) Doppler PDFM-III ultrasonic sensor mounts on any metal or plastic pipe ...