• Turbodisc Tank Washers
    Turbodisc Tank Washers Turbodisc tank washers represent the highest level of cleaning technology available today
  • Ultra Filtration System
    Ultra Filtration System The ultrafilter system is constructed of tubes containing a very fine inner membrane filter tube
  • In Shop Overhaul & Rebuild
    In Shop Overhaul & Rebuild Rotary screw air ends, positive displacement and centrifugal blowers
  • Height Profile Sensor
    Height Profile Sensor The DMH Height Profile Sensor uses a two-dimensional receptor array made up of 32 x 32 pixel image components to evaluate data
  • Microwave Stirrer
    Microwave Stirrer With this new Scienceware microwave stirrer, liquids can be
  • Environmental Consulting
    Environmental Consulting AMEC offers full-service environmental consulting support to our industrial, commercial, government, legal and financial clients.
  • Alarm Notification System
    Alarm Notification System DiaLog Elite, an automatic field upgradable alarm dialer, can monitor up to 48 analog and/or digital inputs providing
  • The Eco Badge Cybermarch Lesson Book
    The Eco Badge Cybermarch Lesson Book An exciting, year around air monitoring program on the Internet. The binder includes a copy of the Alice Network Software (specify Mac or PC version) and other materials
  • Multi-Gas CEMS Instrument: Model XE
    Multi-Gas CEMS Instrument: Model XE The Horiba Model XE is the most advanced instrument available for Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) applications. The instrument combines gas analysis, I/O for system control and alarms, data storage, diagnostics and a simple user interface in a single, compact case. The front panel multi-line LCD display is menu driven, allowing the user to easily view a series of screens showing gas concentrations, calibration information and operation mode.
  • Gas Dispersion Impeller
    Gas Dispersion Impeller Developed using advanced flow measurement techniques, the Bakker BT-6 Gas Dispersion Impeller blade geometry disperses gas in liquids at high flow rates
  • 1301
    1301 High performance FTIR with little set up time and easy user interface
  • Spray Coolers
    Spray Coolers The Aqua-Lator Spray Coolers supplement cooling ponds or cooling towers
  • Rotary Kilns The HTT rotary units will burn all types of sludges, pathological, and other solid waste materials. The MSW stepped hearth system will not burn sludges
  • Liquid / Gas Separators
    Liquid / Gas Separators The separator consists of a two piece 316 stainless steel housing, and a Teflon membrane, pre-filtration on input, and 1/8"FNPT on outlet and on drain output
  • Fume Scrubbers and Exhaust Systems
    Fume Scrubbers and Exhaust Systems From stand-alone fume scrubbers to complete systems, Mech-Chem eliminates your fume problems with
  • Polishing Reactor
    Polishing Reactor The Lemna Polishing Reactor (LPR) by Lemna USA, Inc. was designed for supplemental BOD and ammonia-nitrogen polishing...
  • Hot Gas Filtration
    Hot Gas Filtration

    The hot gas filtration units in the Tri-Mer UltraCat system are unique.

  • Tower Design Software
    Tower Design Software The Koch Tower Design and G-Rate packing rating software with documentation, are tools to assist customers in the specification of mass transfer equipment
  • Anotec Odour Control System
    Anotec Odour Control System This unique odour-control system is run via a microprocessor, the system is mounted on a wall and is weather proof and presented in a lockable steal cabinet
  • Fountain Aerators
    Fountain Aerators Each fountain aerator consists of a pump, a float, spray nozzle, control panel with a 24-hour timer and ground fault protection, and 70 feet of power cable.
  • Carbon Absorption System
    Carbon Absorption System Engineered for use in applications where the recovery of solvent is not feasible, the Odorkleen system offers regeneration by hot flue gas
  • Liquid Filtration Felts BWF has developed and installed many new concepts in liquid filter felts
  • Oil Absorbent
    Oil Absorbent Oil Sponge is an absorbent for the encapsulation and bioremediation of oils, greases, fats and petroleum.
  • Incubation Tray
    Incubation Tray The new Scienceware stackable petri dish incubation tray
  • DRM Rotary Lobe Pumps The DRM Enviro-Lobeflo rotary lobe pumps now incorporate specially designed seals to cope with the most demanding
  • Type EBTH Platinum Standard Smart Temperature Transmitter
    Type EBTH Platinum Standard Smart Temperature Transmitter Bailey-Fischer & Porter recently unveiled the Elsag Bailey Type EBTH Platinum Standard Smart Temperature Transmitter
  • Current-to-Pressure Transducer
    Current-to-Pressure Transducer The IPH Field-Mount Current-to-Pressure Transmitter is designed for I/P conversion in field conditions
  • Organic Vapor Monitor
    Organic Vapor Monitor The Organic Vapor Monitor uses a single charcoal sorbent wafer for collecting organic vapors.
  • Digital Line Tracer The new TW-8800 multifrequency digital line tracer utilizes advanced digital signal processing for precision locating
  • Greenhouse Gas Performance Software The company offers the Greenhouse Gas Performance Software designed for companies measuring, monitoring and reporting on their greenhouse gas emissions
  • Web-Based Respirator-Selector Program
    Web-Based Respirator-Selector Program 3M Select Software is now FREE on the Net.
  • Self-Contained Compactors
    Self-Contained Compactors Nedland's Self-Contained Compactors are ideal for confined spaces where waste areas
  • Commercial Electric Meters
    Commercial Electric Meters Programmable to configure custom communications schedules, the commercial Epsilon Electric Meters can record load or other data at configurable intervals
  • Model 49i PS Ozone Analyzer
    Model 49i PS Ozone Analyzer

    The industry’s new best-of-breed. Our customers told us exactly what they’re looking for in a gas monitoring solution: reliability, simplicity, ease of use. The new iSeries platform delivers on all counts - and then goes a step farther

  • Flow Injection Mercury System
    Flow Injection Mercury System The FIMS-100 and FIMS-400 are compact atomic absorption spectrometers designed for the determination of mercury
    PHOENIX S.A.V.E CONTROLLER Provides automated autonomous control of complete remediation system
  • Mechanically Refrigerated Bath
    Mechanically Refrigerated Bath Mechanically Refrigerated Bath by SP Industries, Inc.
  • Structured Packing
    Structured Packing Flexeramic & Reg structured ceramic packing is a new, advanced development in ceramic tower packing that provides higher capacity, lower pressure drop, and better efficiency.
  • Close Coupling System
    Close Coupling System The SaddleMount direct mount system is designed for close coupling DP transmitters to orifice flange unions. The system can be used on DP measurement for gas, liquids and steam
  • Thick-Wall Spray Ball
    Thick-Wall Spray Ball The extended range and durability of the Thick-Wall spray ball is made possible by its ¼ in. (6 mm) wall thickness
  • Air and Gas Treatment
    Air and Gas Treatment Nuclear Air Treatment Removal of radioactive species, both vapor and particulate, from air streams in nuclear facilities is a NUCON specially.
  • Parson Seal-Tite PARSON SEAL-TITE is designed to stop large hydrostatic leaks up to 50 gpm in manholes, pump stations, vaults and conduits.
  • Odor Neutralizer The company offers the 1853 liquid formulation specifically designed to neutralize odor molecules
  • Pipe Inspection System The new 3-D digital video-based pipe inspection system is based on an instrument-controlled robot, the Radiax Vector
  • Scrub-It®
    Scrub-It® Scrub-It® products are designed specifically for pretreatment and removal of H2S and odors in potable water systems
  • Data Monitoring & Control System (DMCS) The WTC Data Monitoring and Control System (DMCS) provides the configuration of the WTC Integrated Control Instrumentation System (ICIS
  • Ozone Analyzers
    Ozone Analyzers The manufacturer offers a complete line of O3 ozone analyzers, ozone monitors, ozone instruments, ozone
  • Field Mount P/I Transmitter
    Field Mount P/I Transmitter This field mount transmitter performs pressure-to-current (P/I) conversions in the field
  • Sprint 2000
    Sprint 2000 The new Sprint 2000 has responded to the demands on gas safety and energy efficiency with versatile performance, ease of operation and low cost of ownership
  • StructureScan
    StructureScan Features of the StructureScan
  • EZ Series Pumps
    EZ Series Pumps EZ Series pumps offer precise chemical injection at a low cost
    The CLEAN MACHINE NOT JUST AN OIL / WATER SEPARATOR because not all hydrocarbons float. Some hazardous hydrocarbons
  • GelStar nucleic acid gel stain
    GelStar nucleic acid gel stain The high sensitivity fluorescent stain for all types of nucleic acids
  • NF - Solid Stream Nozzle
    NF - Solid Stream Nozzle NF - Solid Stream Nozzle
  • Curlex® RoadRunner
    Curlex® RoadRunner RoadRunner is a mechanically installed erosion control blanket system that has virtually rendered
  • Ultra Low Temperature Recirculating Chiller
    Ultra Low Temperature Recirculating Chiller

    Chillers - Ultra-low temperature recirculators provide maximum heat removal to -90°C...

  • Environmental Manager's Compliance Advisor Newsletter
    Environmental Manager's Compliance Advisor Newsletter This essential ongoing newsletter service keeps you current on what’s new in environmental compliance and delivers solid advice on how to comply with all of the complex environmental regulations
  • Pollution Prevention Technologies in Enforcement Settlements The U.S. EPA has published, "Identification of Pollution Prevention Technologies for Possible Inclusion in Enforcement Agreements ...
  • Remote Terminal Unit
    Remote Terminal Unit The RTU 3305 is an intelligent remote device that performs accurate calculations and algorithms
  • Dynacalibrators
    Dynacalibrators VICI Metronics Dynacalibrators allow you to verify the accuracy of analytical data from air pollution monitoring, industrial hygiene surveys, odor surveys, and other instruments measuring gas concentration
  • Clarifying Decanters
    Clarifying Decanters The CB 300, CA 450, 458, 505, and 755 are clarifying decanters
  • Bar Screen with Accessories
    Bar Screen with Accessories The company’s Mahr Bar Screen has a minimum bar spacing of 6mm (0.25 in.) and a cleaning cycle of down to 1.5 seconds
  • Aerosol Mass Monitor
    Aerosol Mass Monitor At last a mass monitor that presents data according to PM standards, mass concentration for PM 1, PM 2.5, PM 7 and PM 10 at the same time
  • Pipe Camera
    Pipe Camera The P494 Flxiview EX Camera offers pan/rotate capability in pies as small as six inches in diameter
  • Data Acquisition and Control System (DACS)
    Data Acquisition and Control System (DACS) ACS, Inc. utilizes our years of design and manufacturing of process control panels into the development of
  • Magnesium-Based Absorbent
    Magnesium-Based Absorbent Designed for wastewater treatment, flow through and filtration applications involving moderate pH adjustment, the FloMag G is a granular magnesium-based filter media and absorbent
  • Trace Gas Monitor: GA-360E
    Trace Gas Monitor: GA-360E The GA-360E Series Trace Gas Monitors are designed to continuously monitor trace amounts of impurities like CO, CO2, or CH4 contained in gases such as N2, O2, He, Ar, H2, and Air. A proprietary cross-flow modulated NDIR method provides ultra-high sensitivity and highly accurate and stable measurements.
  • Gypsum Soil Injection System
    Gypsum Soil Injection System Aqua SO2 Gypsum Irrigation Injection System is a versatile system used with irrigation water sources
  • Service Plans In consideration of the payments provided in the quotation, ASOMA/WTC Engineering will supply for one year
  • MobileDataforce PointSync Mobility Platform 4.0
    MobileDataforce PointSync Mobility Platform 4.0 PointSync Mobility Platform 4.0 is for rapid mobile application development. The PointSync Mobility Platform 4.0 is MobileDataforce's latest version of the PointSync® Mobility Platform, the next generation of the company’s award-winning rapid application development solution for mobile environments.
  • Test Kit for Aromatics in Water
    Test Kit for Aromatics in Water A rugged, lightweight case with cutout foam inserts, fifteen ampoules (5ml) of extraction reagent...
  • Closed-Loop Air System
    Closed-Loop Air System The Regenerative Air Sweeper uses a controlled blast of air to dislodge debris from the surface
  • Industrial Filter Crusher The Model P-300 is ideal for crushing large, industrial or heavy equipment filters
  • Referral Services
    Referral Services Members of this organization are offered a range of services for environmental products and services
  • Air Toxics
    Air Toxics Pace Analytical provides clients with analytical support for ambient air monitoring programs, source emission monitoring, landfill gas monitoring, soil gas characterization, as well as analytical measurements to satisfy requirements under state and federal government air monitoring programs.
  • Diode Laser
    Diode Laser The LasIR is a field-portable instrument that can provide real-time measurements of selected gases
  • Inoculation Loop
    Inoculation Loop The Streaking Jack Inoculator inoculation loop from Bel-Art Products provides three streaks at the same time in a...
  • Oxygen Analysis
    Oxygen Analysis Genesis is the new range of flue gas oxygen analysers developed by Land Combustion
  • Drum Scales The Model EDS400 electronic and MDS400 mechanical drum scales have a 400-lb rated capacity.
  • Bioremediation Respirometer The O2/CO2/CH4/H2S/CO Respirometer measures oxygen uptake plus CO2 ,CH4 H2S, CO production...
  • Pipe Manual
    Pipe Manual Viatec's 32-page second edition pipe manual titled "Technical Guide and Specification for RTP and Dual Laminate Pipe and Fittings"...
  • Air Sample Conditioning System
    Air Sample Conditioning System Incorporating the company’s membrane dryer, a disposable 0.1 micron pre-filter and an integral sample pump, the ACES system conditions ambient air samples when monitoring with an electro-chemical sensor
  • Chiperator™ Chip And Coolant Separation System.
    Chiperator™ Chip And Coolant Separation System. The air driven Chiperator vacuums and filters old cutting fluids loaded with chips from machine sumps, tanks and parts washers
  • Double-Wall Tanks
    Double-Wall Tanks Dual-TekTm double-wall tanks from Viatec, Inc. features a standard preengineered detection system that includes a liquid sensor and strobe alert alarm sensor...
  • Optical Sensor
    Optical Sensor The TP30 non-invasive optical sensor is designed to provide fast, accurate and reliable measurement of inlet gas combustion temperatures for industrial turbines
  • Spray Nozzle
    Spray Nozzle Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. recently introduced the SN-lA foam control spray nozzle...
  • Type W RotoClone
    Type W RotoClone A high-efficiency wet dust collector ideal for collecting hot, light, sticky dusts
  • Polyethylene Pipe System
    Polyethylene Pipe System Sclairpipe is a tough, lightweight, heat-fusible, flexible
  • Ion Exchange: RecoPur® CBM Water Treatment System
    Ion Exchange: RecoPur® CBM Water Treatment System

    Increase production by eliminating Coal Bed Methane produced water issues with Eco-Tec’s RecoPur® CBM Water Treatment System. This system is specifically configured to economically purify and recycle produced water that exceeds agricultural and environmental standards.

  • SmoKey
    SmoKey SmoKey is a modified and re programmed Texas Instruments TI-85 calculator that is used to enter opacity data in the field with a single keystroke
  • Drum Thickener
    Drum Thickener ALDRUM is a drum thickener designed to gently handle sludge
  • Conditioning System
    Conditioning System CAE Express introduces the Clean Air Engineering Sample Delivery and Conditioning System.
  • Free 68000 Software Flex-Sim/68K is ideal for developing 68000 based software algorithms in a simulated environment
  • The NUCON F-1000-BBD
    The NUCON F-1000-BBD Production line testing of charcoal filters
  • The Met One Model 095 Pyranometer
    The Met One Model 095 Pyranometer The Model 095 Pyranometer incorporates a multi-junction differential thermopile and a precision ground optical glass hemisphere which is transparent to wavelengths 0.285 to 2.80 microns
  • Hand-Held Particle Monitor
    Hand-Held Particle Monitor The Model GT-321 Particle monitor is a hand-held, battery operated instrument designed to monitor particle size and concentration
  • DryCal DC-Lite
    DryCal DC-Lite Primary Calibrator/ Piston Prover for Primary Flow Verification and Field Audits
  • Ammonia/Oxygen Analyzer - (NH<sub>3</sub>, O<sub>2</sub>, H<sub>2</sub>O)
    Ammonia/Oxygen Analyzer - (NH3, O2, H2O)

    Los Gatos Research's new Ammonia/Oxygen Analyzer provides sensitive measurements of ammonia and oxygen in ambient air or in process flows (MOCVD) with extremely high precision and sensitivity. No longer do you have to spend a lot of money or wait a long time or rely on scrubbers to measure ammonia, oxygen and water vapor with very high sensitivity – LGR’s Ammonia/Oxygen Analyzer provides direct measurements every second with extremely high precision. In addition, the Ammonia/Oxygen Analyzer can report measurements quickly (fast response time) over a very wide range of concentrations. The instrument, based on LGR’s cavity enhanced laser absorption spectroscopy, is simple to use, inexpensive to operate, and includes all components (internal vacuum pump, keyboard,mouse, video monitor) to start recording data within minutes.