Supplier News

  1. U.S. EPA Awards $1.5M To San Francisco Estuary Partnership To Protect The Bay And Its Watersheds

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded an almost $1.5 million grant to the San Francisco Estuary Partnership for its Transforming Shorelines project.

  2. World-First Project To Turn Biogas From Sewage Into Hydrogen And Graphite

    On behalf of the Australian Government, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has recently announced it has approved up to $9.41M in funding to Hazer Group Limited (Hazer) for the construction and operation of a groundbreaking hydrogen production facility in Munster, Western Australia.

  3. Burgundy Wine Grapes Tell Climate Story, Show Warming Accelerated In Past 30 years

    A newly published series of dates of grape harvest covering the past 664 years is the latest line of evidence confirming how unusual the climate of the past 30 years has been

  4. Trump Proposes Killing Methane Pollution Rule

    Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency proposed recently to eliminate direct limits on methane pollution from new and modified oil and gas infrastructure

  5. Walker® Expands Coverage To Nearly 100 Million Additional Emissions Control Service Opportunities

    The Walker® emissions control brand now offers coverage of nearly 100 million additional vehicle service opportunities as a result of a significant expansion announced today by DRiV™ Incorporated

  6. StereoVision Acquires Climate Cure Capital Corporation

    Stereo Vision Entertainment, Inc. (OTC:SVSN) announced today that it has acquired Nevada company, Climate Cure Capital Corporation

  7. Charah Solutions Awarded Event-Free Safety Award From Duke Energy In Florida

    Charah Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of environmental and maintenance services to the power generation industry, recently announced that it recently received a prestigious award from Duke Energy for its outstanding record of employee safety at the Crystal River Energy Complex in Citrus Country, Florida

  8. Researchers Review Environmental Conditions Leading To Harmful Algae Blooms

    When there is a combination of population increase, wastewater discharge, agricultural fertilization and climate change, the cocktail is detrimental to humans and animals. The harmful cocktail produces harmful algal blooms, and many of these are toxic to humans and wildlife.

  9. Canada Tackles Plastic Pollution And Ghost Fishing Gear In Oceans

    Plastic pollution is a global challenge that requires immediate action. It pollutes our rivers, lakes, and oceans and entangles and kills marine mammals

  10. Caribbean Nations Rally Around Pollution-Free Future

    Caribbean Island States signalled their commitment to achieving a pollution-free future recently, with representatives of nine Caribbean nations gathering to launch the Implementing Sustainable Low and Non-Chemical Development in Small Island Developing States (ISLANDS) programme in Port of Spain