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VIVREAU Water Reunites With TED For Historic 5Th Year Amidst Global Plastic Crisis

TED 2019 Sustainable Hydration Supplier Vivreau Advanced Water Systems embraces opportunity to spread message of stewardship and single use plastic elimination to leading cultural influencers

Vancouver, BC /PRNewswire/ - On the heels of a devastating new report from Earthwatch Europe citing plastic bottles as the number one pollutant of natural waterways, Vivreau Water sees its long-term hydration partnership with TED as more vital and timely than ever. As a proven and measurable antidote to wasteful single-serve bottled products, Vivreau Advanced Water Systems ("Vivreau") is proud to bring its message of sustainable water consumption to the world stage once again.

"This year's TED theme of 'Bigger than Us' could not be more relevant in the face of the mounting water crisis we are facing globally," says Drew Hamilton, Managing Director and Founder of Vivreau North America. "This year the conference urges people to consider their role and personal accountability in times of unprecedented political and technological upheaval. With daunting challenges ahead for us all, Vivreau seeks to put a tangible, straightforward, and intuitive solution in the hands of businesses, demonstrating that real positive change is fully within our reach."

As in previous years, Vivreau's popular, environmentally responsible bottling and dispenser systems will serve as water stations throughout the conference, providing pure chilled sparkling and still water to thousands of attendees. Every pour from a Vivreau tap helps contribute to the diversion of plastics from our landfills and waterways, with over 20,000,000 bottles estimated saved so far in Vivreau's decade of North American operation. Vivreau's water systems connect to local water lines and employ advanced micro-filtration technology to supply high performance, low footprint, and energy efficient hydration. Used in conjunction with its designer reusable glass bottles, Vivreau systems help clients reduce both their environmental and carbon footprints by eliminating the production, transportation, and disposal of traditional prepackaged bottled water.

This year's TED Conference will expose attendees to leading minds in disciplines including Marine Biology, Biology, Architecture, Design, Finance, and Public Health, which all have an important role to play in helping society at large find a sustainable path forward to a place of social, environmental, and economic well-being. Meanwhile, iconic influencers like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, America Ferrera, and Jack Dorsey contribute to the profile of the highly-anticipated conference while sharing impactful insights on culture, technology and real-world activism.

Vivreau will also be supplying custom TED Vivreau Designer reusable glass bottles that will be used in the VIP-Green rooms, for the opening and closing receptions and notable TED sanctioned events during the week. At the end of the conference, the striking bottles will be given as gifts to speakers and attendees.

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